Cara Bot

Cara Bot is a platform to build Algo-Trading bots that work on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, OKX, and ... The user won't need to know anything about programming and with a little knowledge about trading, will be able to build its Algo-Trading bot! We have developed Cara Bot for our customer, it's cross-platform and has lots of real-time data transactions between multiple nodes. It also has a management panel to do customized DevOps operations, like adding/removing/upgrading hosting servers, customer management tools, and ... We have used .NET Core, Python, ReactJS, MS SQL Server both on Windows and Linux to develop Cara Bot

Cara Way

Cara Way is a payment gateway that supports cryptocurrency payments. meaning you can pay for a product or service using a payment gateway instead of manually transferring that money to someone's wallet! Cara Way also was ordered by one of our clients. Using its dashboard, business owners can easily set up their gateway and link it to their existing online shops with the help of Cara Way Plugins. We have used .NET Core, NodeJS, ReactJS, and MS SQL Server both on Windows and Linux to develop Cara Way.

Cara Payment

Cara Payment is a tool that we have developed for a customer that helps them to pay their staff salary using cryptocurrency. The key feature of this tool is that you can do a bulk payment, without the need to transfer crypto to destination wallets one by one manually. Instead, you define the wallets once and then you can transfer required crypto to each wallet automatically with just one click! We have developed Cara Payment using .NET Core, React JS, and MS SQL Server.